Kristin Kreuk Porn Story: "The Adventures Of Kintaro – Episode 7: Welcome To Smallville"

The Adventures of Kintaro
Episode 7 – Welcome to Smallville (Ft. Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk)

*** Notice: This story is for adult audiences, and if you are under the age of 18, please hit the back button now. This story is completely fictional. Kintaro is a completely fictional character. Also, you should note that this story in no way means the actresses featured within would do any of the things portrayed within. Again, this story is completely fictional.***

My name is Kintaro, age 25. I am a “freeter”. A “freeter” is a person who specializes in doing only part time jobs. This week I get to live one of my dreams. I have been hired to play a small role on the WB show “Smallville”. I even have a number of lines. This will be great.

The script for the show was pretty stupid, but I get to do a few scenes with the sexy babes of the show. The whole idea is that Superman was exposed to some weird ray than made him look like a completely different personÂ… me. So anytime in the show when Superman and any of the stars are seen together, I get to be there in Clark’s spot. The only way he can change back to normal is to get a woman that loves him deeply to kiss him. Cool thing is, it doesn’t work right the first time, so I get to kiss both ladies. Before the show began I got to meet Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk who I’d get to work with for today. When we met I felt a slight spark with Allison. I love hot blonds and she was just that. She seemed to like me a bit too. Maybe I’d ask her out after the show.

Anyway the show got to taping and I seemed to be doing a good job through the beginning. In the show we got to the point where I would kiss Lana, Kristin, and thus Clark discovers she doesn’t love him fully. We lean in and shared a soft little kiss which lasted about 10 seconds. That was great. It was so nice I almost didn’t stop when the director Continue reading

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Kristin Kreuk Porn Story: "The Hotel"

Warning:this features Celebs In Lesbian Sex,and
and having Lesbian weddings. If you don’t
like that don’t read this.

Setting:After Gay Marriage becomes law In Massachusetts, celebs
come out of the closet. A hotel Is opened In California just
for them.
The Hotel Part I
By Robbins(
Chris Is bringing luggage Into the hotel.

In the lobby he saw Kate Beckinsale,and Hilary Duff go upstairs together. He
thought to himself I would like to see what Is going on with them.

He went back to his job of bringing luggage In.
Mark Is taking a tray to the elevator.

He sees Rosanna and Patricia Arquette go Into the elevator. They both are
very hot he thinks but Rosanna Is hotter.

He sees them sharing a kiss. He thinks they are kissing sisters. The
elevator closes.
Hilary sits on the couch.

Kate comes In with a couple of glasses,and a bottle of wine. She
comes up to Hilary.

“Here we are” Kate says.

Hilary thinks god Kate Is so beautiful. Kate pours wine Into two
glasses,and sits down by Hilary.

Kate takes a glass,and ships It.

Hilary takes a glass. She smiles at Kate,and takes a drink.

Kate crosses her legs.
Patr Continue reading

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Kristin Kreuk Porn Story: "Texas ShowEm"

By BreastWhisperer

Disclaimer: This is (unfortunately) a work of fiction and should be treated
as such.

Texas Show’em

“Welcome back to Celebrity Poker Showdown at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas..
Im Phil Gordon along with Kevin Pollack. Long shot Jennifer Love Hewitt has
a slight chip lead on Jennifer Tilly. One of these two is going to get
$250,000 for their selected charity. And here comes the flop..”

“Love still has just a seven three off-suit and Jen Tilly has a set of

“They both have nice sets.. oh wait you mean the cards.”

“Love bets $50000! She really should have folded there. Jen Tilly Calls.
Here comes the river.. its a 4. Well Love now has a gut shot straight draw
and Tilly still with the set. Love bets another $50000! Jen Tilly comes over
the top all in!”

“Love is going to need her character from Ghost Whisperer in a minute

“Love calls the all in! What is she thinking?!?”

“Here comes the river. It’s a five! Love got her draw! Unbelievable..”

“I guess its Tilly now that looks like a ghost.”

“100-1 shot Jennifer Love Hewitt has won the 2007 Celebrity Poker Showdown!”

“Love come here and get your trophy and check for $250,000. What is your

“Phil my charity is the American Cancer society and they are earmarking it
for breast cancer research. Some of my relatives have died from it.”

“Sounds like a great choice. Are you surprised to win?

“I was a little surprised to beat Jennifer Tilly.. but my grandpa in texas
actually taught me the game before I moved to California. A bunch of us have
a home game at my house each sunday night. I usually win!”

“Ok.. Continue reading

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